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Monday, September 27, 2010

What I'm doing - Sept Wk 4!

4th and 5th grade
I'm doubling this lesson with both grades since it's working nicely!!! The only thing from GamePlan that I'm really teaching is the 5th grade "New Hampshire Hornpipe" activity from 5th grade. I will catch back up next week when the kids bring their recorders!
We start with Artie Almeida's Rhythm Rockets and play the partner game where they race against their partner for the correct answer. The kids have a lot of fun with this!
Then I play the Hornpipe recording and we tap two fingers together for beat 1-6 and clap beat 7 and 8 in the A section. B section just as written! After listening and doing those motions sitting down I ask kids if they can tell me what they think the form is! (ABA) - I talk briefly about the introduction and coda too.
Then I prepare their movement. I make a big deal about having to think ahead as they take 6 steps to CLOSE their feet on beat 6 so there's no forward motion as they clap their hand on 7 and 8. Some kids still struggle with that! They take a normal step on beat 6 so their body momentum has to step on beat 7. It's not a big deal to me if they do, I just want them to be self aware of what their body is doing and they can demonstrate to me they are in control! :) They have a lot of fun with the "statues" in the B section! I've seen some pretty creative statues at different levels!
After moving with the music we sit and I show a PPT of "Mr. E" a story about the staff (I can't share it but you can get the info at!)
Any extra time is spent reviewing Patriotic music.

3rd grade
This is the only grade that I'm really teaching out of GamePlan! The "Tennessee" lesson process is awesome! Kids have enjoyed singing the ostinato and I put groups of 4 at a time on the instruments to play the ostinato while we sing.
La Raspa has also been fun! Here's an extention I did today with a group that I couldn't trust to have partners for the B activity. (They would swing each other and probably take out an arm socket in the process!)
During the B we took 16 beats and walked around the carpet and when I said "BACK" they had to walk 16 beats back to their place. I called out a couple of the kids that purposefully wouldn't get back to their spots and they sat out for an AB rotation.
The "Mary Lost Her Coat" poem with body percussion ostinato was also a hit. I let several kids make up 4 beat ostinatos and keep it going while the rest of class said the poem and then we all tried the ostinato with speech. After several volunteers I had the kids individually come up with their own 4 beat body percussion ostinato to keep the beat at the same time. It was interesting to see the kids that could keep the beat and say the poem and those that struggled. Activities like this will need to be repeated in this grade!

2nd Grade
We learned "Draw a Bucket of Water" from Share the Music 3rd grade and had fun with the Play Party.
Solfege warm up and learned "Harvest Song" from GamePlan
I showed a PPT of MK8 "Autumn Leaves" and tossed out fabric leaves during the interlude! We sang the song again and added 'leaf choreography' during the song!
We ended class with the Move/Freeze game from GamePlan! What a fun activity! I remember doing something like this at summer camp when I was little!

1st Grade
I tell the story of "The Lovely Princess" (from a Bob DeFrece workshop) to work on vocal exploration and then teach "Alabama Gal" from the book "Jump Jim Joe" by the Amidons.
We review our Syncopated Clock activity from last week and end class with the story of "Freddy the Frog" with the book. It's a great book to introduce the concept of the treble staff.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

week 4 plans

5th grade
Remind kids to bring recorders next class
Review note name and rhythm patterns from previous lessons
Movement to New Hampshire Hornpipe
Operator, Operator game
Review patriotic music

4th grade
Remind kids to bring recorders next class
Review note name and rhythm patterns from previous lessons
Movement to Shake the Papaya
Poison Rhthym game
Tom Dooley - teach the same process in the lesson but I'm changing the words at the end to "you've got to say good-bye" instead of "die" and we'll discuss that he's sad because he has to go to jail!
This is an interesting story about the song!
Review patriotic music

3rd grade
Remind kids to bring recorders next class
I've been doing the "Four Beats After" with some of the 3rd grade classes as time fillers at the end of class so we'll be reviewing the concept.
I still have instruments set up in G pentatonic but I might just keep it with the D and A ostinato even though we're set up in G.
La Raspa looks great! I didn't realize it was Hispanic Heritage Month! I might want to use this next year earlier in the month!
Mary Lost Her Coat - I like the process and I'll probably make a visual of the poem with the words "Coda" and "Decrescendo" in the visual.
I haven't done A Rig-a-Jig-Jig yet....I might do a song from one of the Amidon books instead.

2nd grade
I will use rhythm sticks instead of barred instruments for this activity - we did similar activities in Mallet Madness earlier this month and I want them to really focus on the rhythm instead of their instrument!
Vocal warm up and Harvest Song - we will skip the game and go right into a discussion on autumn and harvest and then do "Autumn Leaves" from MK8 with leaf choreography (I give each child a fabric leaf and we sway them to the music and throw them in the air at the end of the song! It's magical!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 3 changes

In 5th grade we haven't had time for everything so this is what I've decided to do.
Scratch the I V listening activity. It kind of bombed on the kids yesterday. I've decided that we'll talk about our patriotic music at the beginning of class.
We'll do the Pink Panther activity next - the kids really enjoyed acting it out!
Note naming
Body Percussion Question/Answer. They enjoyed this activity and I could see the kids that struggled with the ostinato during the poem! Quite an eye opener!

4th grade
We began class with our patriotic music and then quickly reviewed the Staff Song. I spent a little time explaining the slide with the syncopation rhythm and we practiced several times and then went into the lesson for Shake the Papaya. I found that it was easier for me to accompany them on my guitar than the piano for our AB form. Since they had done the "Good Morning" activity from the 5th grade book they were comfortable with this type of activity.
Sagidi, Sapopo and the Radio Game filled the rest of class time so I'll teach Hot Cross Buns next week.

3rd grade
We began with rhythm reading then rhythm chairs. The kids had a lot of fun discovering the rhythms by decoding how many kids were in each chair! I let them figure out the rests and half notes then picked a couple people to create their own by telling their friends to sit in different chairs.
I used the "Tie" lesson idea to introduce whole notes to the kids and then we did the movement activity with quarter/half/whole in our feet with the recording "Urgos" I would call out changes and they moved around the room to the correct pulse.
We went over the MRD cards and sang Down to the Baker's Shop, putting MRD on the instruments. This was a really quick activity since I still needed to go over our patriotic songs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Week 3

5th grade
I really like the ideas presented in the first activity and I’m trying to think of a way to maybe use Boomwhackers as well!!! On my .notebook chart I will have the solfege ladder with the numbers next to the solfege. After the listening activity I might have another slide on the chart with the colors of the Boomwhackers for a I chord and the colors for a V chord and have them play their Boomwhackers while I play piano!
After putting away Boomwhackers I’ll have to explain the xylophone visual because obviously they were I and V in C major and I’m changing keys for the next activity!!!
They loved Dis Solda La this past week so I think they’ll really enjoy continuing the lesson this week with the other parts.
I love the game idea with the Pink Panther!!! The kids are going to eat it up!
I’m hoping that there is enough time to do the Operator, Operator activity.
Looking forward to the next set of lessons, I am having kids bring recorders to the 1st music class in October so I’m going to combine Sept wk 4 with October wk 1 both weeks. I’m also adding a song or two in each grade level for a little bit of Patriotic to talk about Constitution Day and prepare for our Veteran’s Day assembly.

4th grade
We will start with the worksheet of EGBDF to review from last week. I like the “Face” idea but I’m not going to spend class time doing an art project!!!
I plan on having a visual for the eighth note flags and also review the “Good Morning” song that had the same syncopated rhythm as Shake the Papaya. This actually would be a great lesson for the 5th graders since they’ve never done it. I might use this during the wk4/wk1 transition I mentioned above!
I need to do the Sagadi, Sapopo activity because I have 2 4th graders from the Philippines in my school!
The radio game with “I Want to Rise” is a quick and fun activity but the kids are going to want to play the ostinato parts again!!! It’s good that we have something new with instruments for Hot Cross Buns! I might take the opportunity just to have the class learn different kinds of borduns and sing the song several times with a chord bordun/broken bordun/crossover bordun.
**In more planning I'm trying to figure out if I should transpose 3rd grade to G pentatonic or Hot Cross Buns to F pentatonic. I think because we do Hot Cross Buns with recorder I might have to transpose my other grades to G and have the AX players add "fa" to their instrument.

3rd grade
I love the various rhythm activities at the beginning of the lesson. I plan to use several of the ideas and also a game I’ve enjoyed teaching before where students have to arrange themselves in 4 chairs according to the rhythm pattern I give. For example, ta ta titi ta means that the 1, 2 and 4 chair have 1 person sitting and the 3rd chair has two people sitting in the same chair! I do need to spend time on the smartboard showing what a tie means. That will be the focus of the lesson after the game. We probably will do the movement activity before we talk about the tie so they can get their wiggles out! 
I might wait and put “A Rig A-Jig-Jig” at the end of the lesson so there’s time for Down to the Baker’s Shop and MRD cards. I think I might actually make rhythm cards with bakery type items for kids to work in groups and make their own word chain. I’ll let them give me ideas first and then we’ll split up in groups to do the activity.

2nd grade
I imported Yankee Doodle from Rhythmically Moving into Audacity and added pauses in the music. I wish I could share with you guys but I know that would be breaking copyright! It’s simple to do – save the song on your computer as an .mp3 file and import it into Audacity. Select a little bit of silence from the track at the end > copy > paste in different spots in the song. Then export it back to your computer and play it for the Freeze game!
The melodic training and process for Traffic Lights is great. It might be fun to play the regular track of Yankee Doodle after the entire Traffic Lights process for the kids to move or stop while I’m pointing to the visual!
I don’t have the manipulatives yet so I’m going to have to make these cards for all the kids to do the Game with Instruments activity!!! I think instead of the echo clap/play I will make a playalong chart to go with a short piece like Radetzky’s March for the 6 different unpitched percussion.
I don’t think I’ll have time for Draw a Bucket of Water since I want to work on some Patriotic music. And when I do teach it I’m thinking I would rather use the version I’m used to “there’s one in the bunch and three out the bunch…..etc” What are your thoughts to those of you that have taught out of the 2nd grade book??? E-mail me if you think this is a bad idea and I need to stick to what’s written in GamePlan!!!!

1st grade
I’m wondering how to do this activity because on my interwrite board it would take way too long for kids to take turns drawing the steady beat. I think I might make a piece of paper with 8 hearts at the top, my own pulse stick notation under the hearts and the kids can individually draw the steady beat on their own paper and then point as we say the poem.
I like the Moving High and Low activity and it’s a great use of our Timpani drum set in my classroom! :)
The Look at Me activity is cute! We’ll go around the circle solo singing and make a big deal about the contest – the person who can freeze with a smile without looking away, giggling, etc. is the winner!
I actually think Sing Me Your Name would work better before the Look at Me game. I will probably switch those two activities.
After Hickory Dickory Dock we’ll do the Syncopated Clock (and the activity that Artie Almeida mentioned on the MK8 list this week!)
Below is the discussion from the MK8 list about the activity with scarves:
“Summer Bostick wrote:

I'm sure since Artie shares this in her workshops she won't mind me sharing.
Each child gets a scarf. On the A section (or anytime we hear the clock) we walk around and bounce our scarfs to the staccato tick tock. In the B section where the movement becomes smooth we move our scarves in long swoops to show legato. On the section where we hear the bell we stand still and throw it way up high every time the bell rings. The kids have LOVE LOVE LOVED this, and so have I. Have fun!

Artie Almeida wrote:
Yes, this is all correct. Additionally do twirly-whirlies after each toss in the C section. Just wave scarf quickly while spinning around. Then on Coda, hold the scarf with 2 hands, throw into air and catch on the body - no hands.

Be sure to use flash cards for the vocab this teaches. I have a STACCATO sign with little dots all over it, a LEGATO sign with long wavy lines on it, a card with a pic of a TRIANGLE, and a flash card for CODA. Use these cards to prep the piece, then display them on the board.”