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Friday, October 8, 2010

My October Wk 1 lessons

It's the end of week 1 but I have one more day of teaching this lesson! Here's what I've done.

3-5th grade
We began recorders this week but I actually am using Denise Gagne's Recorder Resource to start them out. I really like the PPT/Smartboard files that go along with the material and it was a great refresher and introduction for all the kids!
If time was left, we did the New Hampshire Hornpipe lesson again or the AB movement activity with the Hora Agadati (sp?)

2nd grade
My 2nd grade classes are huge and sometimes hard to manage! I found it really difficult for them to get the concept of playing the ostinato so I had to zoom in and make the instructions a little more detailed.
After doing all the prep work with body percussion/speech I had the metals play low D for "late" and G for "don't be" (we were in G pentatonic.)
The rhythm of the words wasn't a problem for the kids at the beginning of class but once we put it with the ostinato they forgot what they were supposed to do!!! I think this definitely needs a review or a similar activity that will be more successful!
The only other activity we had time for was the "Down in the Valley" (which they loved!) Most were able to keep their tennis balls under control but I did have a few that need help with their coordination.

1st grade
I love this lesson! I started with a little story about the Muffin Man (inspired by Mary Alice Amidon) and then we sang the song several times together. We did the "yum" activity and kids enjoyed taking away the muffins and trying to "trick" their friends!
All the spider themed lesson plans were a hit as well. They were really good with their mallet technique and enjoyed the movement and "Criss Cross" poem!

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