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Friday, October 29, 2010

November Week 1

5th grade
Hula Hoop instrument game (woods/metals/skins)
Sasha - New England Dancing Master's Song/Dance
Melody Mice - Artie Almeida profeciency pack

4th grade
Recorder body percussion warm up to prepare for French Song
Instead of glockenspeil part, students will learn a crossover bordun to accompany recorders.

3rd grade
12th street rag
Bear Hunting (made SB visual to display melodic direction)
Hill and Gully (focus on solfege)

2nd grade
Bounce High
Let Us Chase the Squirrel
Rhythm Game/Jelly in the Bowl

1st grade
Rhythm review
Engine Engine from K and 1st grade Share the Music (focus on rhythm and s-m)
Choo-Choo (Joubert) listening and movement to teach tempo terms (from Silver Burdett)

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